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MPi provides a wide range of business support services that combine to successfully help government contracting organizations and companies navigate mission-critical business stages and meet program goals. We recognize that every client faces unique challenges and we pride ourselves in providing the extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise that result in unparalleled, client-focused service and consistent client success.

Our partnering approach to client service strongly emphasizes a close collaboration with our clients and network of companies through the entire life cycle of any project. We also design every client’s project around core quality assurance principles designed to ensure rigorous evaluation processes and robust checks and balances that help secure timely, reliable and quality results.

MPi is positioned to help clients leverage the benefits of external expertise and resources while creating significant cost advantages.

MPi is led by President and CEO, Jacqueline “Jackie” V. Whiteside. Jackie brings a wealth of personnel management, project management and business operations expertise to the MPi corporate team. With over twelve years of experience in the staffing industry, Jackie understands the core capabilities that MPi must demonstrate in order to achieve success.

Our Mission Statement

MPi relentlessly pursues the satisfaction of our clients by being Honest, Trustworthy, and Dedicated to their respective organization and mission.”

MPi’s mission statement is grounded in four principles:

Corporate Integrity – Our reputation is our greatest asset and MPi is committed to demonstrating the absolute highest ethical standards throughout every phase of business.

Client Satisfaction – Client satisfaction is the number one benchmark for success at MPi. We strive to make every customer not only satisfied, but delighted with our services, our company and our people.

Cost Control – MPi Utilizes innovative technologies and processes to ensure that our clients receive the most cost-effective services available. Our goal is to keep and grow business, and we recognize that this requires exceeding client savings expectations.

Quality Assurance – MPi prides itself in having systematic processes that ensure that every client has the utmost confidence in the services we provide.

Jacqueline Whiteside

Jacqueline Whiteside

President & CEO
Jackie brings a wealth of personal management, project management and business operations expertise to the MPi corporate team.

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